Vintage Lace Hair Pieces

I feel like we are definitely in need of some wedding DIY!  My actually wedding was full of this – as I am sure you can tell, I am a big DIY fan.  Today we are learning how to make simple lace hair pieces.  I made these for my four beautiful bridesmaids.  Some I stitched onto hair clips and others I stitched onto pieces of lace that they tied into their hair.  I made a few different styles so they were able to choose what they wanted to wear.  I also made some which I stitched onto my blue wedding shoes!

This really doesn’t take long to make and is very easy and cheap.  You don’t need to be amazing at needle work either!

Step 1: All you need is a long piece of lace, cotton, needle, possibly a pin or two to hold the ‘flower’ in  place and a button or bead that ties in with your colour scheme.

Step 2:  Thread your needle with your cotton.  Lay your lace out in front of you and begin threading your needle and cotton at the base of the flat edge of your lace.  Continue doing this down the whole length of your lace.

Step 3:  Hold the end of your cotton and pull on the lace so it ‘concertinas’.   Arrange the ‘concertinaed’ lace in a ‘flower’ shape.  Use pins to hold this in position if need be.  Use the needle and cotton which should still be attached to the ‘flower’ to stitch the ‘base of the flower’ together.

Step 4:  With your needle and cotton still attached add a button or a bead to the top of your ‘flower’ to create a centre and to cover your middle stitches.  Stitch the button or bead in place.

Step 5: Attach your flower to another piece of lace or a hair pin, by either using a good adhesive or by stitching (I think stitching is best!).  You have a delicate, beautiful lace flower that can be used for everyday hair or makes a lovely bridesmaid accessory.

Be inspired – get creative and make your own bridesmaids a personalised piece and save some cash in the process! x


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