Wedding Décor Tips

Weddings can be rather expensive and anyone who is starting to plan a wedding knows that putting a wedding budget together can be rather daunting.  It is difficult to decide where you can cut costs, considering this is one of the most important days of your life.

One area that I feel you can definitely save on, is décor hire.  Today, uniform décor is not necessarily ‘in’.  If you have a love for unique, different and totally eye-catching décor then this is an area in which you can save!  Instead of spending on generic vases, candlesticks and silverware hire, why not borrow items that go with your theme from family and friends?  If you wish to create a vintage look, ask around for old teapots and any pretty containers that they could have on shelves and bookcases gathering dust.  Ask teacher friends if you could borrow old trophies that are no longer used at their schools.  You will be surprised at the amount that you can gather!

Bottles also make for easy décor items.  There are lovely jam jars, vinegar, oil and other condiment bottles on the shelves in supermarkets.  These can be collected from friends and family after use and can be transformed into unique and beautiful ‘one of a kind’ vases.  It just takes a little effort to ask around and to get friends and family collecting and gathering – they will all love to be involved and actually find it special to ‘spot’ what they have lent you for your special day!  By doing this, you not only involve family and friends in planning your special day, but save a buck, and you can create table décor that is unique and enticing on the eye! x


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