Winter Wedding Fever

I went to a wedding this past weekend and it was wonderful!  It really is exciting to go to a wedding when you have had a break from the ‘normal’ summer scheduled weekend wedding frenzy.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and she looked gorgeous.  My eye naturally went straight to the décor.  One thing about winter weddings is that the price of flowers goes up.  Katie was very clever in her table décor concept.  I felt like she had read my last blog post (which she hadn’t as this had been her plan from the beginning!)  She had collected lots of different sized glass bottles.  She had borrowed beautiful teapots and other silverware and added some candles to create unique and stunning table décor!

I also really loved her wedding favours!  We were each given a cute jar of sweet chilli jam – simple yet classy!

It was so special to catch up with old school friends and share in a truly magical day with such a beautiful couple.  Thank you, Kate and Mark – wishing you a life time of happiness together.  x


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