Tin Tin Inspiration

Image credits: Brown tin with pale pink flowers: Wedding Chicks.   Baby’s breath and ranunculus in peach tin: Lovely Little Details.

One way of creating a vintage look is by using old tins as vases.  This looks absolutely stunning.   Try to find beautiful and interesting tins as this creates something other than the flowers to look at.  Be careful about your flower colour selection.  If your tins have colour on them you do not want to use flowers that are not complimentary to the tin.   These tin can flower arrangements can create bright and uniquely vintage centre pieces for a wedding reception, or look beautiful on a windowsill in your home with some flowers from your garden.  If you have some old tin cans in the back of your pantry, put them to good use!

Image credits: Pink poppies in rusty Japanese tin: Wedding Chicks.   Lisianthus in orange tin:  Intimate Weddings.

Image Credits:  Pink tea tin: Wedding Chicks.  Blue oyster tin with bright flowers: Once Wed.


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