My New Favorite Flower!

The Ranunculus is a beautiful flower.  They are often not given enough attention for their prettiness!   They are actually from the Buttercup family and in the language of flowers, they are said to mean “I am dazzled by your charm”.  The Ranunculus is most definitely a charming flower and they come in a range of colours.  They have just come into season here in South Africa.  This means that you are able to find them at a rather inexpensive price.  They look stunning as a bunch in a vase but are the perfect flower for single stem vases as their stems twist and turn but are sturdy and strong.  We couldn’t resist using these gorgeous flowers in The Rose Café window display this month.  Styled with vintage vases, lace, wooden crates and Granny Smith Apples, the combination was delightful and bright!  The perfect inspiration for Spring which is just around the corner.   Now, all we need is some sun!   Pop in at The Rose Café to buy a bunch and remember to add these pretty flowers to your floral pallet to create loveliness on your wedding day. x


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