Real Wedding

I love looking on blogs and websites at “real” weddings.  I gather ideas, look for inspiration and just to see the beauty of two people in love, captured on camera.

Hopefully, by sharing these special moments, someone somewhere will gain from them.  Whether this is in décor inspiration, a dress style you love, or photography you desire.

If you have your own wedding you wish to share please drop me an email ( and we will send you the necessary information that we require.  We would love the world to share in your special day!

This first real wedding is very so special to me.  It is one of my closest friends.  She is beautiful inside and out and couldn’t have found a better man to marry!  Their wedding had so many personal touches and was filled with loads of DIY.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Meg!

MEG & JAMES ~ Country Vintage

Their love story:

James and I have known each other since we were 3 years old. We went to the same playschool. We were the best of friends during our time there. We ended up at different schools and were in different grades, but still remained friends. It was only after my best friend’s 21st that we reconnected and then the rest, as they say, is history.

Wedding day, décor and inspiration

I absolutely loved my wedding day and experience. It seemed to be longer than just one day as we made it a bit of a weekend affair. We had family dinners and lots of chats and laughs while we did the final preparations. My parents, sister and wonderful bridesmaids really did do a super job at keeping the nerves at bay and helping to make everything a success. The morning of the wedding day was very chilled. I felt like I was able to soak up everything while we were getting ready. I think arriving at the ceremony with my dad was the most nerve-wracking part, but also so so special. Once the ceremony was over, the celebrations began. It was one big party which resulted in us only going home at 2am. I would say the wedding had a country vintage feel to it.   There were lots of white wooden birds hanging from the ceiling of the venue as well as bunting in different patterns and colours. The colour scheme was greens, pinks and browns. There were lanterns and fairy lights. The venue was a very big shed-type room which was partly draped so that one could still see the wooden beams and corrugated iron roof. The centrepieces varied from table to table. The flowers used were an array of pinks, purples and greens that gave the tables that perfect touch of colour and floral beauty.

Advice to brides-to-be:

Keep calm, make lists and definitely have a sister and/or brilliant bridesmaids to assist with ideas, tying ribbons, pouring a much needed glass of wine and having a laugh!

Where did you get most of your ideas and inspiration from?

The internet and different blogs. I also used Google images quite a bit; I would just type in words or phrases of things I liked and see what came up.

Service Providers

Venue: Old Halliwell Country Inn

Photographer: Samantha Maber

Videographer: James Gibbs

Wedding dress: Carita Adams

Bridesmaid dresses: Lorraine Farer

Hair & Make up:  I did my own hair.  Make up by Danielle Kidd

Flowers & Décor: Ester Dobeyn (Midlands Style Events) and lots of DIY done by ourselves, family and friends

Catering: Lemon and Lavender Restaurant at the Old Halliwell Country Inn

Stationery: Matt Sutherland




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