An Elegant Evening Event

Botanica Flowers Cape Town Wedding and Event Florists

We were privileged enough to receive an invitation to the POWER Elegant Networking Event as well as to create the floral pieces for this special occasion.

What is P.O.W.E.R?  It is an organisation for the Propagation of women’s Empowerment Resources. You can read more about the wonderful work that they do here.  The event was hosted by Chenshia Jewels which is a beautiful, upmarket jewellery store.  They strive to craft and create the finest jewellery available and their showroom was the most classy and sophisticated space for the POWER Elegant Networking Event.  Natalie Becker was the guest speaker and delivered an empowering and thought provoking speech.

Botanica Flowers designed the inspirational and beautiful floral pieces that expressed individualism and uniqueness. Thank you P.O.W.E.R and Chenshia for including us in a great event and thank you Lize De Wet from Dezertroze Art  for all the beautiful photographs.

Botanica Flowers Cape Town Chenshia Jewels Dezertroze photography


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