Oversized Bouquets – the bigger the better!

It seems there is a growing trend towards ‘oversized’ bouquets, which quite frankly I couldn’t be happier about. Nothing says ‘romance’ more than an armful cascading, gardeny florals! I don’t actually like the word ‘oversized’, it sounds like we’re being told off. I figure as long as it’s not breaking your arm, then its all good.

Today’s post is inspired by my Grandma’s bouquet from the early 1940’s. It was wartime, and austerity measures were firmly in place. Her dress was borrowed, and she first tried it on the day before her wedding – fortunately it fitted! Luckily for Grandma Florence, her sister Alice was a florist (yes it runs in the family!). Despite it being wartime, Alice made her this beautiful big bouquet, with trailing asparagus fern:


Although the bouquet style may have changed since then, I’m glad to see large bouquets are still going strong. I’m sure the current Great Gatsby / 1920’s trend is partly responsible!

Now feast your eyes on a few of my favourite bouquets-of-plenty, and start doing those arm weights…


Found on Green Wedding Shoes, photo by Lang Thomas Photography


Image sourced from http://www.habitatevents.com, photo by Green Door Photography


Sourced from Magnolia Rouge, photo by Danelle Bohane


Image sourced at http://www.100layercake.com Photo by Tonya Joy, flowers by The Oak and The Owl


Flowers by Estelle Flowers http://www.estelleflowers.co.nz



Where to begin when choosing a flowers for your wedding

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Event Flowers – China meets Africa

We were asked to do some beautiful arrangements for Chenshia Jewels first birthday party.  The brief was to do something with a mix of Chinese and South African influence and to be creative!  We were in our element!  We decided to use Chinese tea tins as the containers and incorporated pin cushion proteas and succulents  with beautiful giant mums to give a soft lotus feel to the arrangements.  We also used a dash of gold paint on some pods to give the arrangements a ‘jewelled’ look.   Happy 1st Birthday, Chenshia!

Chenshia 2


Protea, ranunculus and mum arrangements


Protea, ranunculus and mum arrangements


Protea, ranunculus and mum arrangements

Botanica Corporate

Botanica Corporate Arrangement

Some of you might not know that Botanica Flowers does weekly corporate arrangements for offices, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, shops and doctors rooms.   We come into your space, discuss the look and feel you are wanting to achieve and design striking arrangements that create a ‘wow-factor’ for any guest or client that walks into your reception area.   If you don’t have a beautiful arrangement in your reception or are tired of dull, dated flowers contact us for a fresh and vibrant look!  We would love to give you a free consultation and quote.

We also enjoy creating interesting and unique designs  for corporate events.

Botanica Corporate Arrangement

Botanica Corporate arrangement

Botanica Corporate Arrangements


corporate flowers

Wedding Trend {Mint}

The colours of one of the gorgeous jugs we posted on Tuesday inspired me to put together a mood board of how such a combination of flowers could be used for a wedding.

The colours from the flowers in the jug team beautifully with {Mint} although there are no mint coloured flowers in the arrangement itself.  Mint can be brought through elsewhere, from the serviettes to the bridesmaids dresses.  By doing this, the colours of the flowers ‘pop’ and the mint colour is appreciated more.

Botanica Bridal tip #1: For a more interesting look, don’t try to bring your chosen colour through in all areas.  Contrasting flowers rock!

Wedding colour inspiration - mintImage credits (top, left to right): Serviette place settingMint lemonadeLace wedding dress,

Botanica FlowersMint cakeMint shoesBoho bridesmaid dressBotanica Flowers

Romantic Jug Arrangements

At Botanica Flowers, we have a thing about jugs, and the prettier and more rustic the better (you should see Chloe’s French dresser!). We thought we should put them to good use, and pair them with the fresh, colourful flowers in season at the moment. With delicate poppies, bright, fragrant stocks, deliciously scented freesias, soft lace flower and elegant young olive bows, we couldn’t resist!

Spring flowers in Jug - www.botanica-flowers.co.za


Spring flower arrangement www.botanica-flowers.co.za



We love the freshly gathered, loosely arranged look, which we find so romantic!

Spring flower jug www.botanica-flowers.co.za

Spring flowers in jug. www.botanica-flowers.co.za

Madiba Protea

Today is a very special day for South Africa, it is Nelson Mandela, our beloved Madiba’s Birthday.  Madiba is the true hero of our Nation.  The man who fought for equal rights for all and a country that stands united as one.  He is the most influential, respected and loved man in South Africa.   This makes today double as special to me, as I share my birthday with this wonderful man.

Mandela has made such an impact to our South Africa that he even has a flower named after him! Our national flower is the King Protea and there is a special variety of this that is distinctly more red in colour, brighter and more rare.  This special type of King Protea, we call the Madiba Protea. An appropriate name for a beautiful flower.  Happy Birthday, Madiba and thank you for all you have done for our great country.

Vintage Tin Floral Arrangements

Vintage tin flower arrangement

We love old, beautiful tins with a little character and story behind them.  We are also always looking for different and unusual containers for our arrangements and vintage tins are perfect!  Here are two gorgeous arrangements that we did for some clients recently. The one has a whimsical, autumnal, woodlands feel to it.  The other tin arrangement has a more wintery tone.  At Botanica Flowers we have a large collection of interesting tins available for hire.

Vintage tin floral arrangement

An Elegant Evening Event

We were privileged enough to receive an invitation to the POWER Elegant Networking Event as well as to create the floral pieces for this special occasion. What is P.O.W.E.R?  It is an organisation for the Propagation of women’s Empowerment Resources. … Continue reading