Madiba Protea

Today is a very special day for South Africa, it is Nelson Mandela, our beloved Madiba’s Birthday.  Madiba is the true hero of our Nation.  The man who fought for equal rights for all and a country that stands united as one.  He is the most influential, respected and loved man in South Africa.   This makes today double as special to me, as I share my birthday with this wonderful man.

Mandela has made such an impact to our South Africa that he even has a flower named after him! Our national flower is the King Protea and there is a special variety of this that is distinctly more red in colour, brighter and more rare.  This special type of King Protea, we call the Madiba Protea. An appropriate name for a beautiful flower.  Happy Birthday, Madiba and thank you for all you have done for our great country.