Oversized Bouquets – the bigger the better!

It seems there is a growing trend towards ‘oversized’ bouquets, which quite frankly I couldn’t be happier about. Nothing says ‘romance’ more than an armful cascading, gardeny florals! I don’t actually like the word ‘oversized’, it sounds like we’re being told off. I figure as long as it’s not breaking your arm, then its all good.

Today’s post is inspired by my Grandma’s bouquet from the early 1940’s. It was wartime, and austerity measures were firmly in place. Her dress was borrowed, and she first tried it on the day before her wedding – fortunately it fitted! Luckily for Grandma Florence, her sister Alice was a florist (yes it runs in the family!). Despite it being wartime, Alice made her this beautiful big bouquet, with trailing asparagus fern:


Although the bouquet style may have changed since then, I’m glad to see large bouquets are still going strong. I’m sure the current Great Gatsby / 1920’s trend is partly responsible!

Now feast your eyes on a few of my favourite bouquets-of-plenty, and start doing those arm weights…


Found on Green Wedding Shoes, photo by Lang Thomas Photography


Image sourced from http://www.habitatevents.com, photo by Green Door Photography


Sourced from Magnolia Rouge, photo by Danelle Bohane


Image sourced at http://www.100layercake.com Photo by Tonya Joy, flowers by The Oak and The Owl


Flowers by Estelle Flowers http://www.estelleflowers.co.nz