Where to begin when choosing a flowers for your wedding

We often have brides that are not sure of where to start when planning their wedding flowers. We thought that we would put together a series of tips to help brides through this process-making it an easier, less stressful part … Continue reading

Kerry and Adam – a taste of what is to come!

This is just a little taste of a wedding I did recently.  It was for a friend and was such a special wedding – one of those when the whole family is involved and everyone works together happily, to create a very memorable day.  I can’t wait to see and share the professional photographs with you all and show you more of this beautiful garden wedding!Garden wedding bouquet



Succulent buttonholes

I just loved doing these buttonholes!  They were for a very special wedding. Succulents/cactus roses/echeverias, they go by many names, are just beautiful and very different.  They are very popular with weddings at the moment and I have used them in table arrangements, bouquets, hair wreaths and buttonholes.  I can’t wait to share these other photos with you!

succulent buttonholeSucculent ButtonholeSucculent buttoholeSucculent buttonhole

It has been a while!

It has been ages since my last post!  It has been a whirlwind past 6 weeks – lots of flowers and parties!  Hen’s parties, kitchen teas, year-end functions, farewells and the most special wedding.  I look forward to sharing some of these memorable occasions with you over the next few weeks!  I also have some exciting news, I am a full time florist from January 2013!  Lots of hard work and adventure ahead…watch this space!

More like this to come!

Wedding Corsages for Moms and Grannies

A corsage is a small bouquet of pretty flowers usually worn on a ladies dress or around her wrist.  It’s traditional for moms and grannies of the bride and groom to wear a corsage at the wedding.  This doesn’t mean you have to have your moms and grannies wearing corsages at your wedding but it definitely does make them feel special and apart of the bridal party.  These can be made very beautifully and you can always add a more modern or vintage feel to your corsages by including ribbon, feathers, twine, pods, buttons – anything that is interesting to look at, and goes with your wedding theme.

This is a corsage that I made – consisting of roses, geraldton wax, slagbos, and silver leaf (witteboom), which I also used to bind the corsage and added some pink twine.



Wedding Hair Flowers

It has been a really busy week, so I apologise for being rather quiet.  I have however, being doing lovely, pretty things!  My little sister is getting married in December.  My excitement levels are sky high!  She has such amazing taste and unique ideas, that I know her special day is going to be absolutely beautiful!  Obviously, I have gotten myself involved (shame, she had no choice!) So I have been working on some things for her… I thought it was about time that I practiced some wiring because the floral wreath I am doing for her needs to be absolutely prefect!  I had such fun doing this and I think that flowers in brides’ hair are really underrated!  They make for a lovely alternative to a veil and I so regret not doing this for my own wedding day!  x



Bright is back!

I stumbled across this wedding on another one of the regular wedding blogs that I visit – Grey likes weddings.  Do yourself a favour and add it to the list of the blogs that you browse!

I just loved the bright florals and in particular the cute pansies in little pales!  The gorgeous photos were taken by Amy Majors Photography.  The invitations were designed by A Milestone Paper Co.  The wedding location was Elm Creek Chalet.

For more of this bright and cheerful wedding of Anna and Jason, click here.

Enjoy! x

Spring is here!

I hope you all had a fabulous Spring day and treated the ones you love with some pretty flowers to remind them that warmer weather and beautiful blossoms are on their way!  I was given some pretty pink roses and the most stunning pink delphiniums – what a treat!   I have a collection of vintage bottles and decided to use these for my beautiful flowers.  They looked amazing and made me smile every time I glanced at them!  May the weather get warmer and these lovely flowers inspire you towards what is going to be a magical summer. x

My New Favorite Flower!

The Ranunculus is a beautiful flower.  They are often not given enough attention for their prettiness!   They are actually from the Buttercup family and in the language of flowers, they are said to mean “I am dazzled by your charm”.  The Ranunculus is most definitely a charming flower and they come in a range of colours.  They have just come into season here in South Africa.  This means that you are able to find them at a rather inexpensive price.  They look stunning as a bunch in a vase but are the perfect flower for single stem vases as their stems twist and turn but are sturdy and strong.  We couldn’t resist using these gorgeous flowers in The Rose Café window display this month.  Styled with vintage vases, lace, wooden crates and Granny Smith Apples, the combination was delightful and bright!  The perfect inspiration for Spring which is just around the corner.   Now, all we need is some sun!   Pop in at The Rose Café to buy a bunch and remember to add these pretty flowers to your floral pallet to create loveliness on your wedding day. x

Winter Wedding Fever

I went to a wedding this past weekend and it was wonderful!  It really is exciting to go to a wedding when you have had a break from the ‘normal’ summer scheduled weekend wedding frenzy.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and she looked gorgeous.  My eye naturally went straight to the décor.  One thing about winter weddings is that the price of flowers goes up.  Katie was very clever in her table décor concept.  I felt like she had read my last blog post (which she hadn’t as this had been her plan from the beginning!)  She had collected lots of different sized glass bottles.  She had borrowed beautiful teapots and other silverware and added some candles to create unique and stunning table décor!

I also really loved her wedding favours!  We were each given a cute jar of sweet chilli jam – simple yet classy!

It was so special to catch up with old school friends and share in a truly magical day with such a beautiful couple.  Thank you, Kate and Mark – wishing you a life time of happiness together.  x